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 Judith and Henry JamesMrs. Martin’s writing aims to both instruct and provoke her audience, as numerous commentators have observed. "Judith Martin is The National Bureau of Standards," states columnist George Will. She’s written "some of the toughest social criticism you are likely to read," according to critic Charlie Toft. The New York Times declares her work "an impassioned plea for a return to civilized behavior" while Newsday says she is “a philosopher cleverly and charmingly disguised as an etiquette columnist.” The Los Angeles Times deems her "an authentic visionary" and her writing "a kind of study in cultural anthropology, even if she dresses up her field notes with artful parody and self-deprecating humor." Writer Christopher Buckley calls her "an authentic comic genius", and TIME Magazine declared, "…[Judith] Martin has helped transform etiquette from the realm of society matrons to a tool for everyday life."


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